How to demist Double Glazing

Demisting double glazing is possible. However, once the unit has been drilled, the Argon gas filling inside the unit has leaked out, this will render the units thermal barrier capabilities useless. Once the gas is removed from the double glazed unit, it will make the transfer of heat from inside the home to outside the house with less resistance. Demisting a double glazed unit sounds like a good idea on paper, but in reality, it will potentially lead to increased energy bills and increased heat wastage from within the home. The proper way to deal with demisting a double glazed window is to replace the unit altogether with a new argon gas unit, Planitherm makes some of the most energy-efficient glass available in the UK. By replacing your old glass units, you could make substantial savings on energy bills; they claim up to 25% can be saved by replacing the glass alone. You may also notice considerable reductions in outside noise, their comfort plus glass can reduce noise by up to 20%