Monday, 10 October 2016

Wilson's Give A Dog A Bone - Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in West Lancashire

Before we get into this - I've not been paid and this post isn't sponsored, blah blah. Wilson's Give A Dog A Bone is my younger brothers business; he set up four months ago, after wanting to do it for years, and I thought what better way to show off what he does than on my lifestyle blog.

Darren is 27 years old and has had pets all his life; he's a massive dog lover and was eager to go it alone (as they say) because he wasn't feeling a sense of achievement or fulfilment in his previous job at a betting office. Even when he was working full-time he still volunteered at dog rescues and gained a lot of knowledge and experience working with animals with all different behavioural needs. His love of animals is very apparent and as his older sister, I think changing careers is the best thing he could have done. 

Wilson's Give A Dog A Bone is based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire but Darren comes to your home to meet you and your pet(s). He offers a free consultation and is open seven days a week, 24/7. He currently covers Skelmersdale, Ormskirk, Burscough, St Helens, Wigan and surrounding areas. He's fully insured and DBS checked, and has discounts available for the disabled, over 60s and families with rescue animals. 

One of the best things about Wilson's Give A Dog A Bone is that Darren does pet sitting in your home. He believes that this is vital for the animal so they can feel comfortable and peaceful in an environment they know. Not only that but having a pet sitter in your home if you're out all day is added security for the house; especially if you're away overnight - which he will also stay for. Just give him a call for overnight prices. I'll leave all the details at the bottom of my post.

Let's talk prices. Pet sitting and dog walking is £9 per hour, £6 for half an hour. For combined sitting and walking, overnights or anything else you may require just get in touch, he'll be more than happy to help. Darren offers the cheapest prices in the North West and is passionate, caring and friendly. You know you'll be leaving your pets in great hands. And when I say 'pets', you name it and he'll take care of it, be it a dog, cat, hamster, anything - he'll try his best to accommodate.

At the moment Darren is currently pet sitting and walking Penny, a fourteen week old Cockapoo that he is building a great bond with. Whilst pet sitting her he does various training techniques throughout the day and takes her on walks to the park. He is also walking Jess, a nine month old Poodle that has made masses of progress since working with her. She used to be very nervous of traffic on walks but is no longer. Darren said 'she walks so well and is a pleasure to work with.' 

He absolutely loves his job; I mean who wouldn't, he gets to be around pets all the time!? 

Do please check Wilson's Give A Dog A Bone out on Twitter @DW_petsitter - he constantly posts updates on the pets he's looking after with lots of adorable puppy pics. And go give him a Like on Facebook. Alternatively, contact him via email or phone 07583669750.


  1. It's lovely to hear that your brother changed his career & pursued what he'd always wanted to do :) Well done to him!

    If you like, I can share your post on my facebook as I'm from Lancashire? :)

    1. Proud of him, it was a big step. That'd be fantastic, thank you x


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